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Giving Back 

I believe giving back to communities builds hope. Where there is hope, there is positive change and the possibility for a bright future. Big Sky Rentals is committed to supporting the local change-makers addressing pressing issues. To that point, a portion of the proceeds from each reservation will be donated to a local community group and the visitor has the option of choosing where that donation goes.

Here are a few of the community organizations Big Sky guests have helped support:

Bethlehem Inn: transition services for homeless families in Central Oregon.

Causa: protecting immigrant rights for Oregonians.

Human Solutions: housing and transition services for homeless families in Portland.

Outdoor School for All: securing a full week of outdoor school for all Oregon students.

P:ear: transition services for Portland's homeless youth.

Basic Rights Oregon: protecting rights of all lesbians, gay, transgender and queer Oregonians.

Filmmakers, Musicians and Writers.

In addition to supporting local non-profit organizations, Big Sky Rentals assists the creative and activist arts by turning each residence into a mini art gallery showcasing local art for sale and offering reduced cost residencies to visiting creative artists and progressive activists.